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The Veterans' Play Project

November 2013

It was truly an honor and a privilege to share the stage with a number of military veterans in this production by Footprints Collective. The script was developed after taking in the experiences of many generous servicemen and women through several 'story circles.' The cast included about a dozen vets -many of whom hadn't ever set foot on stage- and a handful of professional actors. It was a profound experience that brought a community of vets and civilians together and painted a truly honest picture of the issues facing those who served after they return home.


July 2013

July saw the end of a years-long process of bringing FTF Works' production of Herocycle to life. It was an amazing, challenging, and rewarding experience producing and starring in this 'epic aerial musical.' I'll let the reviews speak for the show: Lavender Magazine, MPR, Minnesota Monthly, and the City Pages all had great things to say about the show. City Pages included Herocycle on their list of the best shows of 2013 list and Lavender gave a nod to it as well in their best of 2013 coverage too!

A Method

February 2013

I just wrapped shooting A Method with Killing Joke Films, a film about a young actress who goes too far in her portrayal of her character and the people making a documentary about her process. In it I play the editor of the documentary who's also sleeping with the director. The top-flight cast includes Jane Froiland, Shelli Manzoline, and AJ Sass.


December 2012

I don't usually post much about my VO work, but here's a recent spot I did for Subaru of America.

Film Projects

November 2012

I'd be remiss if I didn't post something about the film work I've been doing recently. Looking Past You screened this fall at the Twin Cities Film Festival...check out an interview with the writer/director Jennifer Kramer about the film.

Another film I worked on, Ex Post Somnio by Mark LaCroix, has been making rounds on the festival circuit...and I'll be working next month on A Method, the latest project by Killing Joke films.

Compleat Female Stage Beauty

September 2012

Compleat Female Stage Beauty won an Ivey Award for Overall Excellence!

May 2012

Three great reviews for Compleat Female Stage Beauty from Dominic Papatola of the Pioneer Press, Ed Huyck of the City Pages, and Graydon Royce of the Star Tribune!

May 2012

I've been working for the past few weeks on the regional premiere of local playwright Jeffrey Hatcher's Compleat Female Stage Beauty with Walking Shadow. Under the direction of John Heimbuch, we've been working our way through Hatcher's witty, sharp dialog and thoroughly enjoying this layered story of England's last male actor who specialized in portraying women and the first women to (legally) act on a British stage. Again, it's a fantastic cast featuring Wade Vaughn as Ned Kynaston and Jane Froiland as Margaret Hughes, along with Matt Sciple, Adeline Phelps, Katie Kaufman, and rounded out by many other talents.

Vasa Lisa

March 2012

I feel very fortunate to be assistant directing for Ten Thousand Things' latest production, Vasa Lisa by Kira Obolenski (who also wrote The Oldest Story..., see below). The script is adapted from the classic Russian folk tale and brought to life by a truly gifted ensemble including Jim Lichtscheidl, Luverne Seifert, Tracey Maloney, Sally Wingert, and Elise Langer. So I'll be spending the next few weeks in a room with some of the best actors in the Twin Cities...did I mention that I'm fortunate?


February 2012

Just wrapped up shooting a short film called Northwoods with some fine folks from Rank and File Media out of LA. I played Shaun, a mildly psychopathic guy just trying to enjoy some Scrabble with some friends in a post-outbreak world. The shoot took place in a beautiful cabin on Lake Vermilion in Minnesota's northland and the film is a story about a handful of narcissistic survivors of an infectious disease outbreak. Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

The Mad Trapper of Rat River

September 2011

I just started work with Sandbox Theater on their latest original work entitled The Mad Trapper, which is not only being created by the ensemble but it's also based on a true story. Take a listen to an episode devoted to this mysterious figure from "Stuff You Missed in History Class" from to learn more about it!

Gilgamesh: The Oldest Story in the World

September 2011

Nearly a year later, the praise for The Oldest Story in the World still keeps coming: Read Jeremy Cohen's article in Minnesota Playlist.

December 2010

Lavender Magazine recognized Billy Mullaney and myself for our portrayals of Enkidu and Gilgamesh in Oldest Story -check out the Extraordinary Performances in their 2010 Year in Review!

October 2010

Gilgamesh returns to the desert sands from which he was recently unearthed. Critics called the show "captivating" with "astonishing performances by Erik Hoover as Gilgamesh...and Billy Mullaney as Enkidu" and "bewitching [with] plenty of material to think and talk about." You can read the reviews here and here.

July 2010

I just finished an intense month of rehearsals in June and The Oldest Story... is shaping up to be a great show. Designers from both coasts flew in to work with the cast (which includes Barbra Berlovitz, Julianna Drajko, Billy Mullaney, Stephen Pearce, Vladimir Rovinsky, Dario Tangelson, Vanessa Voskuil and Jeanne Willcoxon) and after several rewrites and countless hours of sweat, the piece has been stripped down to its essence. More work to do in September, but in the meantime check out the recently-announced 2010-11 season at Southern Theater.

November 2009

This Fall, I will join the transatlantic duo of Theatre Novi Most along with some of the Twin Cities' most innovative theatre artists to stage a new adaptation by Kira Obolensky of the Sumerian epic. Watch for more news of this exciting original production which is set to open in September 2010 at the Southern Theater!


February 2011

The reviews for Drakul are in! Read what Max Spaber and the Examiner had to say about the show!